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Testosterone Enanthate is one of the most popular anabolic steroids in athletes around the world. This love for the drug is due to the following reasons:

Almost always when talking about the operability of testosterone and all anabolic steroids in general, the arguments are reduced to comparing any drug to the positive effects of Testosterone Enanthate. This comparison gives the clearest picture of all the advantages and disadvantages of the action of an anabolic.
Testosterone in general and testosterone with ester Enanthate in particular, the most studied and repeatedly tested steroid.

Testosterone is the basis of any course, whether it is a course for a rookie “iron sport,” or an athlete with years of experience.

Testosterone Enanthate is an injectable steroid attached to an Enanthate ester dissolved in oil and benzylbenzoate with the addition of a small amount (typically 2.5%) of benzyl alcohol. Ether promotes slow dissolution in the blood. The maximum amount of it gets into the blood in the first three days, then smoothly decreases for about two weeks.

Testosterone Enanthate has a number of notable features, the main ones being: high efficiency and a sea of favorable properties, as confirmed by many reviews. Testosterone Enanthate is known to have strong activity, both androgenic and anabolic, a fact that gives the ability to dramatically increase muscle mass, volume, and physical strength.